Our Brother Barry in Australia sent me an e-mail referencing a statement Walid Shoebat, an ex-Muslim turned born again Christian, made. It was recorded at another site that I do not have the link to.

What is curious is that Walid stated in Hebrew "Lucifer" is Hilal-bin-Sahar. I did some research and discovered he is right. The following is from

Origins in Isaiah

In the Vulgate, an early-5th-century translation of the Bible into Latin by Jerome, Lucifer ( "light-bearer") occurs in Isaiah 14:12-14 as a translation of the Septuagint Greek word heosphoros ("dawn-bearer"), an epithet of Venus. The original Hebrew text of this verse was (heilel ben-schahar ), meaning "Helel (bright one) son of Shahar (dawn)". Helel, the morning star, was a Babylonian / Canaanite god who was the son of another Babylonian / Canaanite god Shahar, god of the dawn. Isaiah 14:12 is translated "How art thou fallen from heaven, O day-star, son of the morning!" in the American Standard Version translating Hebrew Helel as "day-star" and the Hebrew word ben as "son" and the Hebrew word shahar as "morning." The 21st Century King James translates it as "Lucifer, son of the morning".

What is of interest in Islam is the same words mean different things. The Arabic word "Hilal" means "CRESCENT MOON." GO HERE

The Arabic for Sahar is the Canaanite "god of the dawn" or the "dawn star" GO HERE

The Islamic symbol is the "Hilal" (crescent moon) over the "Sahar" (star). Coincidence? I doubt it. :evil


Think this could be an "in your face" statement from Satan himself? :erruh

Remember Always, "Speak the Truth"

Your Brother in Christ,


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